The 45 Minute Slimming Challenge

When I heard that there was a company with a “miracle” non-surgical procedure out there to dissolve body fat and sculpt the body– my first instinct was, “SIGN ME UP!”  Before trying the BIONIX Body Designers ’45 minutes slimming shot challenge’ I started researching this technology to determine if I would was up for the challenge! IMG_6778


Here’s what I learned:

  • Bionix Body Designers is dedicated to providing non-surgical weight loss and body contouring service in Dubai, UAE.
  • They have acquired some of the most well researched, effective and Safe Technology from round the globe and regularly update their services with latest in the weight loss industry.
  • They will help determine what your weight consists of. Your weight is the sum of  Total Body Water + Muscles + FAT.  These have to be in proportion to your Height, and when any of these aspects is out of proportion, you gain weight.
  • They need to understand WHY you’re carrying extra weight– stress? eating disorder? illness? etc. Only after this analysis do they complete diagnosis and recommend a treatment.
After realizing that BIONIX Body Designers could help me, I visited their Bur Dubai location to try the 45 minute Slimming Shot.
After a short consultation with a specialist and measuring of my height, weight and BMI, it was determined that I was a candidate for this slimming treatment which uses a High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) on my problem areas for 45 minutes. The HIFU  is the most advanced technology to rupture fat cells non-surgically. This technology, passes pulses of focused ultrasound that selectively only target fat cells and liquefy the fat, which is drained out of your body naturally. It works great for belly fat, saddle bags and body contouring. So I decided to let the lovely Technician Maria take her best shot at my stubborn post-baby belly fat! To start she measured my stomach at 3 points, and I watched her closely while she did this making sure she had the correct measurements.  IMG_6783I then was instructed to lay down, and Maria drew a grid onto my stomach, lathered on some cold ultrasound gel, and reassured me everything would be fine.  She applied the ultrasound spot by spot by pressing firmly on my stomach, within the grid lines.  I could hear a clicking of the machine, and felt no pain whatsoever, only a little heat in some areas.  45 minutes later, we remeasured and I was SHOCKED, yes SHOCKED by the results.  I lost 11.3 cms in total in my waist!! I couldn’t believe my eyes.
My next question was– WILL THESE RESULTS LAST?!

Maria informed me that I had to drink plenty of water, and that over the coarse of two weeks the results may even improve.   To maintain the loss, I have to simply watch what I eat and exercise, which is typically what is needed for ANY weight-loss. As I write this post I am 4 days post-treatment, and I see a noticeable difference in my stomach area.  I feel my stomach is a bit thinner and firmer, and I am more conscious of what I eat, as I don’t want to do anything to take away from these amazing results!All in all– I was very pleased with the results and will definitely go back for another treatment next year, if not sooner!   I may even try their anti-aging non-surgical procedure in the future too.


Visit their website for more information on the different weight loss options they offer.

Call 04 352 0705 or email: for an appointment.
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