“Sea and Be Seen”at The Beach Dubai


Dubai was buzzing this week with fun events.  With family in town, I couldn’t catch them all.  But I tried to go to at least ONE and this event was at the top of my list.  THE BEACH-Dubai’s store-hopping shindig titled “Sea and Be Seen” was an event I did not want to miss!

For those of you who haven’t heard of THE BEACH, Dubai– let me paint you a quick picture.  THE BEACH, Dubai is more than just a beach (as it’s name signifies)– it’s an area uniquely set along the coastline of Dubai Marina, opposite to JBR.  THE BEACH boasts an array of new restaurants, cafes, and retail shops.  It’s one of the UAE’s hottest spots because it combines everything people love to do on vacation– eat, swim and SHOP!

The “Sea and Be Seen” event took us on a journey through many of THE BEACH’s hot spots, from Soda Font,  Sun Eye, Victoria’s Secret, to Sauce On-Sea, Roberto Cavalli, Essentiel, Rodo.  It ended with an intimate press dinner at Seven Sands.


The event started off with a cool refreshing shake from Soda Font.

Seven Sands_Interiors 1.jpg

The night ended with dinner at Seven Sands Restaurant

I was ever-so-lucky to have my sister-in-law, LA Stylist, Sumiah Aduib attend the event with me.  We mingled with other style influencers, bloggers, press and store managers.  We were introduced to new lines that each store was excited about.

Sauce On-Sea never disappoints.  Overflowing with unique and kitchy items and clothing, the boutique makes hearts skip a beat!  Sauce Stylist and Store Manager showed the group of jet-setters what this season’s must-have trends were while we sipped on lemon mojitos.


Roberto Cavalli styling demonstration at THE BEACH, Dubai


Dr. Deanna Khalil CEO of Abaya Addict, Blogger Viola from DubaiFashionBlog and LA Stylist Sumiah Aduib from Aristochick.

Roberto Cavali held a styling competition among the attendees.  Sumiah and I caught up with some of my dear friends, like Viola from DubaiFashionBlog, who is always looking uber trendy.

I was happy to be introduced to a company that I hadn’t known before– Essentiel ANTWERP. It’s a brand that believes women have 5 core personality characteristics that shape how they dress.

  1. Curious Cosmopolite- she fights boredom and inspires her surroundings
  2. Offbeat Surprise- freedom of style. She follows no rules
  3. Passionate with personality- she lives in and for the now 100%
  4. Generous Chaos- she can’t wait to share her ideas and influences
  5. Spontaneous Joie de vivre- she prefers to follow her gut feeling over theories. 

I found these all Essentiel characteristics rang true with myself, and maybe that’s why I really enjoyed the brand’s aesthetic and eclectic mix of styles.


Dr. Deanna Khalil holding an Essentiel clutch.


Essentiel, THE BEACH has something for everyone.


Classic to top of trend, Essentiel THE BEACH carries a wide range of looks.


LA Stylist, Sumiah Aduib shopping the Essentiel holiday collection


Essentiel, THE BEACH – DUBAI

Next, we traveled down to Rodo’s store, where we played dress-up with the latest blinged out collection that they have to offer.



Dr. Deanna Khalil of Abaya Addict with LA Stylist Sumiah Aduib At Rodo THE BEACH, DUBAI


Abaya Addict Lux Abaya and Rodo Bag worn by Sumiah Aduib


Stylist Sumiah Aduib looks stunning in the latest additon to Abaya Addict’s Lux collection– the Black Fringe Abaya

Finally, we capped off the night with a fun little Abaya Addict photoshoot at Seven Sands.


The Abaya Addict Lux Abaya– The Black Fringe Abaya as seen on Stylist Sumiah Aduib.


The Maroon Desert Camo Trench Abaya as seen on Abaya Addict Designer Dr. Deanna Khalil


The Maroon Desert Camo Trench Abaya as seen on Abaya Addict Designer Dr. Deanna Khalil


The Maroon Desert Camo Trench Abaya as seen on Abaya Addict Designer Dr. Deanna Khalil

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