Eid is a time for reflecting on our lives, reconnecting with our Deen/faith,  gathering with loved ones and together– remembering the importance of this sacred holiday.  For me, it’s also become my FAVORITE holiday to gift others in.  Before having my own child, I would shop for my friends children and my neices and nephews– this certainly hasn’t changed!  But now I’m thoroughly enjoying the planning and shopping for my little Zainab who is now a very active and playful one and a half years old!

I know you all understand my obsession with Centrepoint’s “one-stop-shop” experience, and that has NOT changed this EID!  I’m hitting the clothing racks for some fun looks for the little ones in my life!

First on my wishlist– let’s start with these ADORABLE PJs. I’ll stock up on these for matching cousin PJs!

The boys will wake up Eid morning matching in these cute jammies pictured below:


The younger girls need these cutsies in their life:


Then of course for the older girls I like to gift them super trendy items that fit the season (so I can be the cool auntie that gives them clothes they actually LIKE):

FK803-001A_01 TRW-1342 FK714-001E_01Splash aed  80

If you haven’t finished your EID SHOPPING yet, head over to Centrepoint Middle East and get your last minute shopping on!

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