Ramadan is right around the corner, and I’m trying to get 100% right with my Prayers. SubhanAllah, life gets so busy, and that has always been my #1 excuse for either missing a Salah or praying late, but really there is no excuse to miss or delay Salah.  It’s always been a struggle for me to pray Isha, as I am usually EXHAUSTED by 7pm and find myself needing to plank post cleaning up the dinner table. But given that Allah swt deserves NO EXCUSE—I have made bigger efforts and Alhamdullillah I am once again back on track!

While on the topic of Prayer—I want to discuss a new product that I was gifted two weeks ago. The TIMEZ5 Prayer Rug!

From the company’s website:

Health Benefits of TIMEZ5 Prayer mat


TIMEZ5 brings technology, design and spirituality into one.  Leading the charge of health and wellness products is the TIMEZ5 prayer mat, the world’s first physiological prayer mat that uses a unique five layer system to help relieve pain, improve posture and boost energy. 

TIMEZ5 Labs is the company’s R&D unit that seeks to understand and address the physical and spiritual challenges faced by Muslims and to create solutions for a better and more positive lifestyle.

Given the description I found online about the product’s claims of improving one’s lifestyle through wellness- I knew I had to try it. And I was pleased that it DID infact make my [5 times a day] routine more comfortable for a few reasons which I will discuss below.

I’ve been suffering from two ailments, lower back pain and left knee pain from an old injury. My lower back pain began during my first pregnancy and only worsened after giving birth. I find myself sometimes making the choice to pray seated, and although I know that Islam has allowed this, I still feel like I’m not as spiritually connected when I pray seated.

This is where the TIMEZ5 rug made a huge difference. It’s 5 layer design gives the rug extra cushion that supported my knees in Sujood and gave me a “bounce back” when standing up to pray. Although it did not eliminate my back pain, I did feel LESS strain and back pain while using the mat.   And the sufficient support to my knee made praying 100% more comfortable.

Alhamdullillah, I am really grateful to the TIMEZ5 team for giving me this amazing rug. I’m going to PAY-IT-FORWARD this EID by gifting one to my parents and a second to my in-laws. I know they will benefit one-thousand-fold from this product.


The only thing I had initially struggled with was the price of the product, but my opinion was quickly changed after trying it for the first week. Although the rug retails for over $225 usd, I found that it was really worth the investment for a few reasons:

  1. The quality of the rug is impeccable and will last me for at least the next 3-5 years.
  2. The rug’s minimalist look of plush beige fabric with an arrow design helped me stay focused on my prayers rather than the pretty colors/scenery that adorns my other prayer mats.
  3. The rug can be dry-cleaned and that would ensure it stays clean and smells fresh—adding to its shelf-life.
  4. When I calculated “cost for use” I figured that the cost was so MINIMAL per use, that the $$$ became a NONISSUE for me.

                 5 prayers/day x 360 days/year x 3 years (minimum) = 5,400 USES (not including taraweeh + sunnah prayer)

  1. The comfort it awarded me made praying more enjoyable, and I focused less on how badly my knees hurt in Sujood and more on making extra duaa!
  2. It has a grip layer which helps stabilize it to the ground so I didn’t have to keep adjusting the rug during prayer!

All in all, I highly recommend this product. It’s not just for those suffering from any physical ailments, but it can be beneficial to all age-groups given it’s plush feel and comfortable qualities.


I recommend you all watch the DEMO VIDEO on the company’s website and can purchase the product directly from:

VIEW some images of the product as used by myself and my husband below.

You can see I am wearing the PRET-A-PRIER traveling prayer pouch (which I also highly recommend + can’t live without!).


DSC_0870 DSC_0868


DSC_0871DSC_0876 DSC_0878

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  1. Wow now I really want both of those products! 😀

  2. how much price for this rug? and how i can buy its?

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