Salam my beautiful sisters!

It’s been quite a while since my last blog entry.  Since I last posted, I have been to Chicago, California– back to Dubai, off to Jordan, and again back home to Dubai.  I’m two fashion shows stronger & 4,000 fans greater!

I’ve been back to work (in clinic) & on to full-time (24/7) designing of the next collection for Abaya Addict.  Launching the Summer Collection was a whirlwind! From conducting a photoshoot, with my dear sister-in-law Sumiah Aduib, in the SCORCHING heat of 110 degree sun & to creating items in heavier BULK than my first collection– I was off to a crazy start!

I carried Summer Collection pieces from Dubai to the US for the fashion shows (one in Chi & one in LA) & then carried them back.  Alhamdullillah, I’m starting to find more & more sisters wearing my items on their back & letting me know that they are being complimented all-the-while!  I receive images of sisters CAUGHT in ABAYA ADDICT & I swear these pictures MAKE MY DAY!

Everyday I get over 100 emails from beauties looking to find a modest item to rock at Ramadan iftaars or a hella fierce piece to don at Eid prayer.  I also receive very sweet emails from thoughtful sisters who just want to give thanks for a new avenue of Islamic wear very different than anything before it.  I do my best to answer emails on time & to help everyone end up happy– of course I’m only human– but inshallah I do hope I’m doing okay!

I just want to take this time to give a big THANK YOU for the love, support & good wishes/duaa you bring to my life.  I could not carry on my crazy schedule without knowing that in the end–all the samples made & endless hours running around (like a chicken with my head cut off) at the factory, & the trips to the fabric markets (in the DEAD heat of Dubai) are worth it in the end.  If I can make one Muslim woman feel good for even a mere fraction of a second–then I am content.

I really can’t stress enough how honored I am to have met thousands of new friends in the past 6 months.  I could have NEVER imagined that we’d reach over 4,000 followers this quickly, alhamdullillah! Each of you has awakened in me an even stronger desire to continue to do what I love.  I hope that the people in your lives help do the same for you, inshallah!

So, with that being said– I am BACK to the BLOG & I am ready to take on new challenges that come with growing fans & climbing cliental.  We’re producing bigger & better quantity of clothing that will cover every inch of you stunners out there & inshallah– COVER YOU WELL!

Much love to all my peeps & RAMADAN MUBARAK ya Hilween!

-Dr. Deanna Khalil

CEO & Designer of Abaya Addict

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  1. Salaams Sister you are beautiful and are helping us sisters look fashionable yet modest….I love your work….And hope Allah blesses you with peace, progress and prosperity!

  2. Ramadhan Mubarak to u n ur team sister Deanna!
    Masyallah I absolutely love love ur designs!! Especially the from the new eid collection the engineer dress! To die for!! :))
    All the best with future comings n may Allah swt bless ur business insyallah khoir!

    P.s do check out my blog

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