Noor Wazwaz Shares her Journey to Hijab

My journey to hijab was very unexpected. I’ve always told myself that I would wear it one day but it wasn’t really on my to do list.  For a while I wasn’t anyone who really had a strong passion for Islam, but I began befriending people who were. Their love and dedication to Allah (SWT) never seized to amaze me.

Although I was born Muslim into a Muslim family, I felt like I was converting to Islam. I told myself if I was going to call myself a Muslim I needed to start praying and from that day forward I have kept my promise to myself alhamdullillah.   I began to watch and lectures more often and read up on Islam, etc… I felt my connection to Allah SWT growing more and more.

Despite my growth,  I felt this sadness for a while that I couldn’t really     explain. Nothing had happened and I didn’t know what was wrong. One night I tried to get rid of this feeling, so I prayed Isha and made dua’a. I had a dream and it was all just pitch black, I could not see anything but there was a man yelling “Ask Allah for help!” SubhanAllah I woke up in the middle of the night, looked at the time and it was exactly Fajr time. I got up prayed Fajr and made the most sincere dua’a.

A couple of days had passed and nothing really had changed. I still felt that there was something missing. But one night I was just browsing the web and I came across this Tumblr that was dedicated specifically to hijab. I started clicking on the different quotes and pages and came across this audio lecture that I listened to. From the first 5 minutes of the lecture, I knew this was my answer and made my decision that night that I will wake up tomorrow and wear the hijab. Now I received SO many different reactions from people. The most common one was “I would’ve NEVER thought that YOU would EVER wear hijab!” At first it hurt when I heard that so many times from people but there were definitely so many people happy for me and that were so supportive which definitely helped me through the journey.

I’ve been wearing the hijab now since October, 2011.  I would be lying if I said that I love hijab and it’s so easy.  Hijab is definitely a struggle for me.  Some days I love it, but some days I miss life without it. It was definitely a difficult transition for me, especially with summer right around the corner. But I always remind myself why I decided to wear it in the first place and I’m doing it for Allah SWT.  I remember reading this quote and it basically sums up my view on modesty:

“A women is so much more beautiful when she is modest. She is respected, and her body is not flesh to be leered at. She has style, good character and etiquette. She’s not seen for her shape but for her mind. Her true essence is shown, and she acknowledges her value and importance as a woman. Modesty is beauty.

                                                                    My Personal Style

I would say my style is classic with moderate trend. I love vintage-inspired floral clothing. A lot of my clothes are rich & saturated colors.  The quality and fabric of my clothes is very important to me too.  I like what I’m wearing to have that comfy-meets-chic feel. All in all, I don’t like to just stick to one certain style, if I see something and I like it, I go for it. I’m not afraid of taking risks when it comes to clothes : )


What I’m wearing

I’m wearing a casual floral jacket from Heritage 1981. I love this jacket because it is so lightweight and it adds a little flair to the look. I also love the draped construction in the front. The light beige shirt I am wearing underneath the jacket is from BCBG and it is my absolute favorite! The green pants I am wearing are from H&M. They’re loose-fitting pants in cool fabric which is so hijabi friendly, especially for the summer!! The hijab I am wearing is actually my mom’s. I don’t have a sister to steal clothes/hijabs from so sometimes I’m always stealing hers.




THANK YOU to the beautiful Noor for sharing her story with us! It’s so admirable to find young women like her who are finding their way to hijab!  Inshallah Allah swt will only make you more steadfast in your deen & allow your story to inspire others!  Mashallah, thank you from Abaya Addict! 

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