My pet peeve in LIFE is not when someone leaves the toilet seat up and I end up falling deep into its abyss, or when a toe-up stranger sneezes on me while riding to work on the METRO. You would think my pet peeve would be stepping onto a wet bathroom floor right after someone took a shower, or when someone calls me—lets it ring for JUST a second and then expects me to call them back. Nope. No. My pet peeve isn’t even when I lose my Iphone for the 50 millionth time only to realize I’m ON the darn thing talking to my girlfriend. It sure isn’t when I attempt to park in the tightest-parking-spot-on-earth for a good 20 minutes, and THEN realize I left my wallet at home. None of these things annoy me MORE than having to find a SHRUG or a cover-up for a cute dress I spot at the mall.

Why, dear God, WHY is it so hard to find long sleeved dresses, or shirts that cover my most valuable asset? It must be a conspiracy that when I need a cover-up to a dress in MID-SUMMER—all I can find are cashmere sweater shrugs. It just CAN’T be THIS difficult to be hijaby can it? Well, it sure shouldn’t be. That’s the whole reason why I designed the first ever ABAYA ADDICT Collection Winter 2011/12. Simply because I HATE.SHRUGS.WITH.A.PASSION. & I hope to never NEED one again.

I love the feeling of throwing on a dress with long sleeves (which isn’t too form-fitting), my funky colored hijab and just jetting out the door while searching for my keys, which of course are buried at the VERY bottom of my bottom-less bag. I mean, for the busy girl with so many places to go and people to see—who really has time to go soul-searching for a shrug to match EXACTLY the color of that hot dress at Nordstrom rack? Certainly not me. You, my friend, will find me rocking ABAYA ADDICT in line at the grocery store, knocking people out of my way at the mall  & most defffffff stuffing my face at yo’ dinner party!

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  1. Throughout the entire time I was reading your entry, I couldn’t believe it: I do this ALL the time. I can never leave my house without throwing on a ‘shrug’ or a light sweater because I need one to cover up. It is annoying to have to do this constantly when getting dressed because, in my eyes, it ruins the outfit I had planned on wearing. Good luck with everything 🙂

  2. I love your blog! You will not believe I just went to JCPenny the other day, and I just could not find anything for me. The problem being…short sleeves or sleeveless, shirts tooooo short where it has your butt hanging out. The stuff that was what I was looking for looked like something an Old Lady would wear. Its this kind of stuff that takes all the fun out of shopping for a hijabi. Stuff nowadays are too tight, too revealing, and just not “Hijabi” Material. Once again, I just love your blog! Simply Amazing!

  3. Shrugs are HIGHLY irritating. They slip and fall and are either too hot and stuffy, or are not the style you need them to be even if they are in the efficient color. I’d rather wear a dress or top that is simply MADE perfectly. Look forward to your collection!

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