Dreams of a Girl Gone Mad

Ever wonder, “What the hell am I doing with my life?”  If so, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve asked myself this question maybe twice daily for the past few months. After receiving my doctorate, getting married, moving across the globe from Chicago to Dubai, finding myself a nice little job in a nice little town, where I earn decent check at the end of the month—I’m still asking myself, “What do YOU really really reallllllyyyyy want to do with your life?


Maybe this question comes to mind again & again because my passion has always been fashion (which I made a conscious decision not to study for more reasons than one).   Moving to Dubai has really pushed me toward juicing the creative fruits I hid away for so long.  Growing up, I had the occasional dress or two made while on vacation in Dubai with my family.  However, now that I live in the new-found “Fashion Capital” where Dolce meets Louby, where Chanel greats Burch and where they all come together for a cup of shayy during the afternoon high-tea at Dubai mall—I’ve come to realize designing is what I should be doing with my life.

Don’t worry I’m not quitting Optometry, nor giving up on my new-found patients; I’m just adding some passion back into my life.  I just can’t escape the thrill of hustling for the latest fabrics on the streets of Satwa—bargaining my heart out, putting to paper the designs running wild in my mind, and committing to a “look” and “feel” for my brand.  This is what the hell I need to do with my life—the thing that makes me happy, the thing that makes me proud, the thing that I do for the pure feeling of excitement when I see someone in the street wearing ABAYA ADDICT.

And so here I am—doing what I FEEL I should be doing.  Yes I’m an amateur, a mere beginner BUT I’m a fast learner (I hope).  So, I’m dedicating this blog to the creative process of a girl gone mad (moi), and to all the dreamers out there who have been told they shouldn’t or they couldn’t because of choices they made—career paths they committed to, and for all the sleepless girls browsing the internet for the next great piece to don at Taraweeh, a henna or at ISNA.  Don’t ever think it’s too late to live your dream, whatever it may be.

This is for you my fellow professional chickas; the lawyers and the doctors, the teachers and the mothers—the hopeless-in-love fashionistas…

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  1. I am so very happy to see you follow your dreams! All those sketches from middle school and high school have come alive and are absolutely amazing : )

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